A Three-Dimensional Map of Milky Way Dust

Green et al. (2015), ApJ 810,25

ApJ arXiv Data

Measuring Distances and Reddenings for a Billion Stars

Toward a 3D Dust Map from Pan-STARRS 1

Green et al. (2014), ApJ 783,114

ApJ arXiv

3D Dust Mapping Reveals that Orion Forms Part of a Large Ring of Dust

Schlafly, Green et al. (2015), ApJ 799,116

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A Map of Dust Reddening to 4.5 kpc from Pan-STARRS 1

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A Large Catalog of Accurate Distances to Molecular Clouds from PS1 Photometry

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On Galactic Density Modeling in the Presence of Dust Extinction

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ADS arXiv

Constructing A Flexible Likelihood Function For Spectroscopic Inference

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European Week of Astronomy & Space Science

25 June 2015 @ Tenerife, Spain

Local Group Astrostatistics

2 June 2015 @ University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Pan-STARRS 1 Science Consortium

24 June 2014 @ STScI, Baltimore

American Astronomical Society 224

3 June 2014 @ Boston

Harvard Astronomy (2010-)

PhD Candidate
Advisor: Douglas Finkbeiner

U. of Michigan (2005-2009)

Ann Arbor
BA/BS in Physics (highest honors), History & German
ΦΒΚ (2009-)

U. of Freiburg (2007-2008)

Freiburg im Breisgau
Academic Year in Freiburg
Alte Geschichte
Deutsche Geschichte
Deutsche Sprache

Goethe-Institut (06-08.2006)

German A2.1-B1.2

International Academy (2001-2005)

Bloomfield Hills, MI
IB Diploma
AP Biology, French

Astronomy 151: Fluids (Spring 2014)

Teaching Fellow

Physics 15c: Waves (Fall 2013)

Teaching Fellow

Fulbright ETA (Summer 2009-2010)

Dillingen, Saarland, DE
English Teaching Assistant

UK National Astronomy Meeting (2015)

A 3D Map of Dust from Pan-STARRS 1 Photometry
Llandudno, UK
7 July 2015

European Week of Astronomy & Space Science (2015)

A 3D Map of Dust from Pan-STARRS 1 Photometry
Tenerife, Spain
25 June 2015

Local Group Astrostatistics

Building a 3D Map of Milky-Way Dust
UMich, Ann Arbor
2 June 2015

AAS 225: Poster Session

Milky Way Stars and Dust in 3D
6 January 2015

Carnegie Observatories: Morning Tea

3D Dust Mapping with Pan-STARRS 1
28 October 2014

Pan-STARRS 1 Science Consortium Meeting

3D Dust Mapping with PS1
STScI, Baltimore
24 June 2014

AAS 224: Poster Session

A 3D Dust Map from Pan-STARRS 1
3 June 2014

PS1 Key Project 5 Meeting

3D Dust Mapping: Method and Results
Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik, Heidelberg
4 March 2014

AAS 223: PS1 Special Session, Poster Session

Distances and Reddenings for a Billion Stars: Constructing a 3D Reddening Map
Chambliss Award Honorable Mention
Washington, DC
6/8 January 2014

PS1 Science Consortium Meeting

3D Dust: Method and First Results
5 November 2013

MPIA Galaxy Coffee Talk

A 3D Dust Map from Stellar Photometry: A Bayesian Approach
Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik, Heidelberg
1 August 2013

PS1 Science Consortium Meeting

Producing a 3D Dust Map from Stellar Photometry
University of Durham, UK
13 August 2012